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  • Dina Cohen

Eating Well in Isolation

I hope this finds you healthy and well!

Most likely, it finds you living a reality that's quite different from the one you were living a couple of weeks ago. So many things have changed, and your eating might be one of them. Here are some tips designed to help you eat as well as possible during this time.

1. Get on a schedule.

With everything so topsy-turvy right now, it can be easy to let your routine slide. No judgement if that's been happening! But since we don't know when things will get back to normal, it might make more sense to accept this as the new normal (for the time being), and establishing a routine will lead to more balanced eating.

Decide when you'll be having breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It doesn't need to be an exact time on the clock, but try to keep it within a similar time frame from day to day. Same for snacks. This is important because:

a. it can help you eat mostly due to physical hunger rather than stress, boredom, or other non-hunger cues.

b. it can also help you stay nourished if you are at risk for skipping meals without a routine.

c. it can remind you to take some time for yourself if you're suddenly balancing more than you ever could have anticipated.

2. Harness the power of your pantry.

Because obtaining food might be more complicated right now, it's a good idea to sort through what you have in your kitchen to see what you can use. Try and plan meals based on what you already have. Then make a list of what you'll need over the next couple of weeks so that you can determine the safest and most efficient way to get it.

3. Give yourself some grace.

This strange time has come upon us very suddenly, and it's totally understandable if your eating habits have been impacted as a result. Eating more comfort food than usual, having less balanced meals, or slipping in your recovery are all things that can happen. It's ok. There's no rulebook for what to do in this situation. We are all adjusting. But remember that no matter how long it takes for this situation to change (and please G-d, may it happen very soon!), you don't have to wait to take some steps to feel better about your eating. Making even one small change, whether it's taking some time to plan meals more effectively, sitting down to eat at regular times, or finding other ways to manage stress, can substantially improve your nutrition and the way you feel about it.

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