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EatWellSoon Nutrition Counseling

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Food Doesn't Have To Be So Tough.

Let Us Help.

Dina Cohen, MS RDN CEDRD, is the founder of EatWellSoon. She provides nutrition counseling for individuals of all ages and utilizes a non-diet approach to help her clients achieve better health. Dina has over a decade of experience working with individuals and families and specializes in the treatment of disordered eating. She and her team are dedicated to helping their clients develop lifelong healthy habits and a positive relationship with food.

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Peace With Food

Supporting Your Success

EatWellSoon was established with the goal of providing clients with the confidence of knowing how to eat well for both body and mind. Sessions are designed to give you the tools and support you need to nourish yourself well wherever life takes you. Please explore below to see how EatWellSoon's services can benefit you.


Individual Counseling

Education, Guidance, Support

Our team of warm and dedicated professionals is available to provide sessions virtually or in EatWellSoon's Lakewood, NJ office.

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Pediatric Nutrition

Planting Healthy Seeds

Start at the beginning! Learn how to help your child develop healthy habits and a positive relationship with food and his or her body. If you are concerned about your child's eating behaviors or growth, a session dedicated to discussing optimal nutrition for your child may be just what you need. Get equipped with evidence-based strategies that will empower you to nourish your child well and support a healthy body image. 

Sessions are offered virtually or in EatWellSoon's Lakewood, NJ office.

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Speaking and Writing

Spreading the Word

Dina has a knack for breaking down nutrition concepts into relevant, bite-sized tips. Her presentations are engaging, up-to-date, and always practical. Contact Dina to learn more about presentation topics and availability.

Dina is also an experienced writer who has published numerous articles about health, nutrition, body image, and eating disorder recovery. If your publication or institution is looking for quality writing that is easy to digest, contact Dina to learn about how she can help.

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"As a PA practicing in Pediatrics for over 20 years, I  have the utmost respect for the  work of Dina Cohen. Dina is brilliant, professional, up-to-date on latest research, and at the same time warm, kind, and relatable. Notably, Dina has helped countless patients recover from eating disorders, which are complex and challenging to treat. Dina has taken a proactive role in public education, teaching healthy eating practices while taking the necessary precautions to avoid triggering vulnerable populations. Dina has earned the respect and admiration of the medical community and I would highly recommend Dina to anyone seeking nutrition counseling."

Sarah Gelfand, PA, Lakewood NJ

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When I met with Dina about one of my children, I was sure we'd have to meet many times in order to make a dent; I was skeptical that she'd really "get it" or be able to offer me anything helpful within a single session, but I was wrong. Dina was quick to grasp the nuances and complexity of my child's relationship with food. She is a wealth of knowledge and expertise with a gentle and compassionate approach. I came away from our session with a range of approaches to try out and resources to explore. Beyond that, I love knowing that I now have somewhere to turn on as as-needed basis.


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"Dina Cohen has dramatically improved my daughter's life forever. Two years ago she had high blood sugar and was at risk for juvenile diabetes. We immediately went to an endocrinologist and began sessions with Dina. The tools she gave my 11-year-old and the advice and guidance she provided for me to implement dietary changes in a family wide scale were practical and are now permanent. When I became frustrated with my own eating habits I began going to her as well. I am feeling better and more energized than I have been in years. I am looking forward to future sessions to make more changes and improvement!"

-MB, client

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"Noa Miller is a wonderful dietitian who combines patience with persistence and possesses a real understanding of the psychological aspects behind eating and body image. Noa empowers her clients to be ok with all food groups, enjoy eating, and accept their body the way it is. My quality of life, both physical and emotional, has greatly improved (major understatement)! Since I've begun working on implementing the changes in my eating, and I wish you the same!"

-YB, client

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"As a licensed social worker and eating disorder therapist in Lakewood, New Jersey, I have had the
pleasure of collaborating with Dina Cohen on numerous cases and gaining immensely from her expertise and
wisdom. Dina has vast knowledge in the fields of nutrition and eating disorders and consistently
advances her knowledge base by reading, research, and consultation. She successfully helps her clients
learn to stop dieting, eat nutritiously, and unlearn negative eating behaviors, while also being fully
empathetic to their underlying emotional processes. Dina’s clients speak incredibly positively of their
experiences with her, constantly commending her kindness and empathy, as well as her ability to
maintain a strong, no-nonsense stance concerning eating disorder behaviors. I could not ask for a better
partner in caring for my clients!"

-Esther Bursztyn, MSW, LSW

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Home: Client Testimonial

"My sessions with Dina Cohen were so helpful to me, even during my relapse. Knowing that I had someone helping me and rooting for me kept me going. I gained so much more than a few pounds from those sessions - I learned that it's ok to be me. That I don't need to do anything in order to deserve to eat and live. I learned that there are people in this world that will always stand by you, even if you're not following their guidance. I learned that as many pounds as I gain, I'll be ok, as long as I can accept, love and take care of myself. Since discharge that's what I've been repeating to myself over and over. That I'm worth the work to recover. That if I have to - I can recover by myself, for myself, even if no one else will believe that.  I've kept the various exercises, articles and books that Dina gave me and I'll reread them as often as I need in the next while in order to get through this. I honestly couldn't have made it until this point without her support and guidance."

-GT, client

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"Dina Cohen possesses a unique ability to present complex information to both a professional and lay audience. She is an engaging presenter who is well informed and has a deep and integrated understanding of eating concerns. Dina's professionalism and empathetic manner make her a pleasure to collaborate with and to learn from!"

-Yami Breitowitz, LCSW, CHEMED Health Center, Lakewood NJ

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“It was so nice to hear from other flesh-and-blood people ( not nutritionists or authors of books) how they go about integrating intuitive eating in their lives! Real people, discussing real time issues - it was very supportive. Dina monitored the group so that it remained very focused.”

GL, "Life After Diets" group participant

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