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What Does a Dietitian's Family Really Eat?

It's not all tofu and kale (although it might be that, too). A healthy relationship with food means that eating revolves around life, and not the other way around. With that in mind, Noa fills us in on last week's menu.

With tropical storm Isaiah, a family wedding and vacation mode, this week was pretty chaotic. But no matter what was going on, supper still came around – and you know what? We managed to pull off some pretty balanced – if not gourmet – meals every night!

Here’s an inside view of a dietitian’s real-life, un-glamorous supper roundup of the week:


Leftovers! Chicken on the bone (garlic powder, soy sauce, ketchup), green beans, brown rice, cholent


Leftovers again! White chicken repurposed as chicken salad (mayonnaise, garlic powder, salt, pepper, mustard) on hot dog buns with pickles and salad


Hotvdogs (oven-baked since that is the easiest for me) on the leftover buns from Monday and carrot fries. I had two bags of baby carrots that were going to expire and I HATE wasting food. I dumped them in a bowl, seasoned with canola oil, cumin, garlic powder and salt and baked on high together with the hot dogs. They were scrumptious!


We all got hungry while we were out – luckily we were next to a pizza store. We ordered olive and vegetable pizza and fries. We tried adding some soup and falafel to the mix but they were out!


Wedding! I took advantage of whatever eating opportunity I could get while juggling the kids. Notably, I had some great bites of teriyaki salmon, mashed potatoes and soup and some delicious deep-fried battered Hawaiian chicken and apple crumble.

If you can relate to my supper week – you are a real-life mom! Let’s celebrate the achievement of providing food to ourselves and our families every day, come what may. 

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