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Why To Let Your Kiddo Cook

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

What's small, round, and blue?

A cranberry holding its breath, of course!

What's a pilot's favorite yogurt?

"Plane" yogurt!

See what fun you can have in the kitchen??

I just got my copy of the wonderful Yaffi Lvova's latest cookbook, Kid Chef Junior (which you can find here). Not only does it have easy recipes and beautiful pictures, it's filled with fun facts and jokes! My kids are loving it and they even have plans to make me breakfast tomorrow morning. It's already a worthwhile buy!

Jokes aside, it is really is an amazing thing to get kids cooking in the kitchen. It teaches them so much! They learn:

  • Science

  • Math

  • Art

  • Teamwork

  • Responsibility

  • Confidence

  • A positive relationship with food

With or without the help of (an adorable) kid's cookbook, allowing your children to mess around in the kitchen is a gift that you give them. They learn practical skills that will help them feel more comfortable with food prep in the future and they also learn to be adventurous and try a variety of foods. They learn that when you work toward a goal, the results are sweeter, plus that cleaning up is part of a job well done. They learn that you need to work together and pay attention to detail to have a successful outcome, and that a little extra love goes a long way.

Maybe don't do this every day, because it might be slightly less enjoyable for the parents than it is for the kiddos. But do give it a shot...your future self will thank you, and they may just make you breakfast. :)

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