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Affirmations from the Trenches

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

A bright and insightful client of mine shared this poignant collection of affirmations that she wrote during her eating disorder recovery journey. She hopes that her messages will help others on their own paths to self-acceptance and making peace with food.

  • I have many wonderful qualities; I don’t need to be thin in order to be loveable.

  • I don’t need to be “uniquely thin”; I am unique regardless.

  • My worth is unchangeable even if my size changes.

  • Similarly, size doesn’t define anyone’s worth. Seeing a thin girl doesn’t add to her worth, nor take away from mine.

  • I expect others to like and respect me regardless of my size. Others may notice a change in size but that shouldn’t minimize their view of me.

  • I have too much depth, sincerity and resilience for any externals to define me.

  • I have too much kindness and respect toward others for them to require externals in order to respect me.

  • I can accomplish many great things other than starving and losing weight.

  • I am stronger than my circumstances. I can survive whatever life brings.

  • I can handle feeling bad about my body for now, and ultimately, I will get better, so I won’t have to feel bad anymore.

  • My worth is unconditional. The amount I eat can’t change it. I do not need to be ashamed by what I eat.

  • Moving backwards is natural and ok. It doesn’t take away from my ability to ultimately get

  • better.

  • I am a worthy human being. Worthy of self-care; unworthy of starvation. I do not ‘deserve’ to be hungry.

  • I can learn to feel stable and secure inside, regardless of the number on the scale or the amount of calories I eat.

  • Having an eating disorder doesn’t define me. Although I may choose not to disclose that to others, I need not be ashamed of it.

  • Accepting that I need help doesn’t change my worth. I’m human. Humans are imperfect.

  • I am as worthy as any other person is of support and care.

  • I am smart and capable; capable of making independent choices, smart enough to choose what I feel is best for me.

  • I do not need to “disobey” to prove my independence. Because I do not need to prove my independence, I can trust whatever outside help I have chosen to see… and I have chosen to seek guidance because I believe that that is the best for me

  • right now.

Being that the above-mentioned statements are simply a list of true facts rather than an attempt to encourage me to triumph over my eating disorder, I can read them at any time. Even if I don’t feel like changing the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are caused by the eating disorder, I can still read this.

Reminder: I may struggle to feel these truths, but I do believe them. I couldn’t have written this otherwise.

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