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  • Dina Cohen

Be Like the River

The river may not know where its going, but it always finds its way around the rocks.

This is a beautiful image to keep in mind when you're feeling overwhelmed and confused. None of us knows where life is headed right now. The future seems unknown, and you may be encountering some difficult obstacles. It may feel scary to consider that you don't know where you'll end up, and in addition, you may have to face unexpected challenges along the way.

Think of a river. It keeps flowing even though it can't see the destination. There are many rocks along its path, some of them really large and tough. But it keeps going. It doesn't give up and turn back. It finds its way over, around, and sometimes even through the rocks. The rocks look tough, but with its persistence, the river is tougher.

I know you may be feeling afraid right now - perhaps even hopeless. But it's not in your nature to give up. You've made it this far. You can choose to keep going, recalling the others who have made this journey successfully and remembering all the challenges you yourself have overcome. You'll find your way around the rocks. I believe in you.

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1 Comment

Jul 09, 2020

This is beautiful. It's always been helpful tome to remember that I have a 100% success rate of surviving everything I've been through already. I'll survive this too.

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