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  • Dina Cohen

Does My Body Get In The Way?

I have to bring my body to work. There's no way around it. And unless I could magically shape-shift between sessions, there's no way I can have the "right" body for every client. You might feel that I cannot understand you because I'm smaller or bigger than you are. You might think I can't identify with you because I'm younger or older, live a different lifestyle, or don't have your particular challenges. But even if we were perfectly matched in body size, age, gender, ability,

socioeconomic status, and every other set of circumstances, I still wouldn't know what it feels like to be you, to go through life in your body and in your situation. And that is why I am so honored and appreciative when you take the time to explain your experience. What's important is that I understand you, and that's something I can never do just by sharing your body size.

While no two of us will ever walk the same path, we have all known hardship and struggle. Even if your practitioner has never experienced your specific brand of pain, you can be sure that as a fellow human, he or she knows what it's like to feel confused, afraid, ashamed, and inadequate. They may have had different doses or flavors of the feelings you have, but existing on this uncertain planet means having to go through some measure of challenge and pain.

Speaking on behalf of my fellow practitioners, here are two things we would like you to know:

1) We will never fully understand what it's like to be you.

2) We can probably relate on some level.

The more you share with us about how it feels to be you, the better equipped we'll be to help you, and the greater the likelihood that you'll feel understood. While we may not identify with the particular body struggle you have, we can likely identify with some of the feelings underneath.

It takes strength to be vulnerable, and we don't take anything you share for granted. We hope that you will see the benefit in doing so and to continue to communicate so that you can have the best possible experience.

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