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  • Dina Cohen

Eating Disorders in the Orthodox Jewish Community

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

What might make an individual in the Orthodox Jewish community more likely to develop an eating disorder?

And what can be done to make this community less vulnerable?

Join Rachel Goodman, RDN CDN, and I as we tackle this challenging issue. We discuss:

  • what makes someone susceptible to developing an eating disorder

  • the suffering and very real health risks faced by someone with an eating disorder

  • unique factors in the Orthodox Jewish community that contribute to eating disorders

  • the link between dieting and eating disorders

  • how to find help for someone with an eating disorder

  • what we can start doing today to prevent eating disorders

  • how to create a supportive environment for someone recovering from an eating disorder

You can listen here.

I hope this episode teaches you something new and leaves you empowered to create positive change!

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